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Accessing all the Vancouver Bridges

Update notes: finished adding all the bridges, added a link to photos. I will try to format everything to be a bit nicer and/or make a copy at another location that allows for easienicer formatting.
As requested by raleighspritely in the other bridges thread, this post is intended to help generally newer riders figure out specifically how to get onto each bridge in each direction, where all most of the exit options go and any other weirdnesses each bridge may have.
I'll assume you know roughly where you are and roughly how to get to each bridge. Some are easy to find the entrances for (Burrard), some are weird (Cambie, southbound) and some have entrances a long way from where the cars access (Golden Ears) so if they're super weird I'll try and give you more specifics.
Photos from the day showing most of the bridges: (missing: 2nd Narrows, KSB, Canada Line, Arthur Liang)
And now to talking about crossing bridges!
Granville - follow the instructions for Burrard or Cambie
If you insist on using the GSB (don't) SB access is easiest via Howe St and NB access at 5th & Granville
Easiest to get onto IMO as the access is right at the ends of the bridge
Going southbound on Cambie is super weird to get to unless you're already on Nelson St
Lion's Gate
North Bound:
South Bound:
Second Narrows/IronworkersThis is one of the weirdest/awkwardest, particularly at the north end
North Bound:
South Bound
Access is here basically across from Phibbs. Many ways to get to it, but you've gotta get to that spot to go south.
Exiting: takes you down through the trees, watch for the pair of switchbacks. You'll end up at the bottom of Skeena St.
Arthur Laing
I regard this as an "experts only" type bridge that I wouldn't recommend to anyone not comfortable with riding in fairly close proximity to cars. There's no separated lane and just a narrow shoulder. That said, I don't feel unsafe on this bridge for some reason, but that might just be from riding it a bunch and being used to riding next to cars. Anyways, onto how to get on/off:
Southbound: access is via the car ramp at where Marine & Granville all come together in a 6 lane clusterfuck that was meant to be the highway through Vancouver. Normally I access coming off NW Marine, onto the clusterfuck, pick up speed down the hill and (with a lot of shoulder checking) get across the right most lane onto the ramp. Go up the ramp and stick to the right.
Exiting: things get dicey/exciting. You'll be crossing roads at speed so be shoulder checking.
North Bound: you can either access off the paths off Airport Rd here or by riding north along Russ Baker Way and basically sticking right and following the signs to Vancouver.
Exiting: again a bit dicey with some potential lane crossing
Pitt River
This is one of the nicest crossings. All the recently built (or updated) bridges are really, really nice once you're on the deck (Pitt River, Port Mann, Golden Ears + Ironworkers post update).
The cycle/pedestrian lane is on the north side of the span and is nice and wide. Access on the west end requires crossing Belfast Ave/Fremont Connector that loops under the bridge. Since access is all for the one side crossing my instructions are written for West->East travel but basically just do them in reverse for East->West.
Coming from NW (Trabouley Poco Trail/Deboville Slough), you do a couple zigzags and hairpins and crossing Belfast St but you can see your target the whole time so this bridge is honestly one of the easiest to get onto.
Coming from the SW, you go under the bridge parallel to the Fremont Connector then see the access to your left. If you were to keep going on the path instead you'd eventually end up at Deboville Slough.
East end of the bridge drops you in Pitt Meadows. As you exit (eastbound) you can immediately do 180deg turn left to get onto the trails. Another left at the river to go south, north and you can make your way out to Pitt Lake on the trails. To access the trail parallel to, and on the south side of, Lougheed Highway take the left at the river then left again at Ferryslip Rd.
If you go straight Old Dewdney Trunk Rd is a pretty nice ride towards Maple Ridge.
Golden Ears
Alright, this one is possibly the most difficult unless you know exactly where to go, partly because they're a long way along the bridge from where cars access. The Southbound Access is at 113B & Airport Way (Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows). The northbound access is at 100A Ave & 201St (Langley)
Access is at 100A Ave & 201St. You go up the multilevel round ramp. Your exit will basically be the aforementioned 113B roundabout, you can go straight through it to get onto Maple Meadows Way towards the mall, right will change into 203St as it turns north or go left and west towards the airport.
Canada Line Bridge
This one is on the side of the Canada Line bridge section between Marine & Cambie Station & Bridgeport Station.
North connection is on Kent Ave S @ Cambie. However you have to go east from Kent Ave N & Cambie to turn south to get onto Kent Ave S and access the ramp. If you're coming down Cambie, hang a right on Kent Ave N.
South Connection is at River Road and Van Horne Way.
If you're going North then east, my recommendation is take Cambie north, then cut east at 59th. Kent Ave N between Cambie and Ontario sucks butt and cars are frequently impatient assholes on that section (it's also rough, needs a repave and has a lot of rail tracks).
If you're going north then west you can go west on Kent Ave N and then right on Heather before climbing a bit and taking the westbound route of your choice.
If you're just going north then Cambie, Ontario & Heather are all pretty good choices with Ontario & Heather being quieter. I can't remember how all of Heather's crossings are since I haven't ridden it past 59th in years.
If you're going South, you can go:
Formatting is becoming a pain because this is getting long. Sorry!
Port Mann
This one is like the Pitt River Bridge in that the pedestrian/bike path is only on the north/east side of the bridge deck.
West access is where the Port Mann passes over United Boulevard and where Unite intersects the Mary Hill Bypass offramps. If you're coming off the bridge you can go south/west on United and eventually work your way over towards Braid Station. If you go east on the Mary Hill Bypass you can connect to the Traboulay PoCo trail, Argue St and work your way up to the Pitt River bridge. There's also a mess of trails in and around Colony Farm but you're on your own for that :)
East access is a ways up a pretty decent hill at 152st/112Ave by Dogwood Campgrounds. If you're going north/west, the signage is good. Just don't take the overpass over the highway. How you get to 152/112...up to you. It's a big grid!
Alex Fraser
Ok, this one is another bit of a mess in terms of access. I don't think this one is technically unidirectional like the others, but I recommend riding the same way as cars are travelling and this guide will be based on that. Careful on the deck, there's a bunch of spots where you have to dodge the bases of signs and other spots where the path just shifts left/right.
You've made it over the Queensborough or come in from Richmond. You've made it onto the Annacis Channel bridge and are approaching Annacis island. You'll see a bus-stop on an island, you want to get there (if not busy, drop the curb & cut across, otherwise there's a crosswalk to use), take the crosswalk that goes parallel to the bus-only section of intersection, onto the sidewalk on the far-far side and then left and you'll see the path onto the bridge. You'll get dropped off with the choice of left or right. Left takes you towards HWY17, River Rd which are the two options for getting to the ferry (take River, it's quieter and only marginally slower). Right will take you under the bridge, and after you go past Planet Ice you can go left towards River Rd east, right-then-right to get onto Nordel north/east or just right for the Delta-South Surrey Greenway.
If you're trying to get to South Surrey, go as if you're going up Nordel, get over the overpass, then take the trail that cuts back to the right. This is the North Delta Greenway and is superior to the DSS Greenway in basically every way including being WAY smoother (I ride it on my carbon road bike on 25mm tires).
North Bound:
Starting from Planet Ice, take the path up onto the bridge, ride across, question why you're out here and didn't just take the Massey Shuttle to get home faster...
At the north end of the bridge, you'll end up next to the Annacis exit ramp. At the end of it, you want to take the small crosswalk onto the island with the bus stop, across Cliveden ave onto the island on the far side, then across another little crosswalk onto the path and hang a left. Stick to this path, you'll go back over the Annacis Channel and find yourself at a zig-zagging ramp. At the bottom of that you have the options of:hard right: path through to Hamilton Highway Park where you can take an overpass towards River Rd
left then right: onto Boundary Rd then Dyke rd, you can use this to get over towards Westminster Highway via Fraserwood Way.
left then left (generally recommended): take Boundary Rd north. At Boundary & Boyd you can go right to the Queensborough or left onto Westminster Hwy which you can use to get all the way to Richmond or to connect to River Rd
because New West is at a 45deg angle I'll be using "up/down and top/bottom" for this bridge because it's effectively a hill. Top is 22nd St station end, bottom is Queensborough Landing.
The top connection is just below 22nd St Station. If you're coming from 22nd St station just take the bridge down, it'll drop you on Boyd St. Left takes you to QB Landing. Right takes you to...not a lot. It's narrow, you'll probably have to slow down a bunch as you pass people.
If you're coming from Market Crossing area or New West (both via Marine Dr) I recommend taking the "up" side of the bridge down because it has about 1% of the traffic the "down" side does.
To get to it, the access is the ramp on the "cars up" side of the bridge. Otherwise, you can use the ramp on the "cars down" side to connect to the "down" side.
Either way as you're going down, watch for the hairpins at the bottom!
If you're going up and heading to downtown New West take the "up" side. Head east along Marine/Stewardson. You can eventually head right down a side street to get to S&O because that's why you're in New West right? If not, you're at S&O now. Best way to get through to the rest of downtown is via the Quay.
If you're going up and heading to anywhere else take the "down" side and go all the way to 22nd St Station. Right and past the station connects to 7th Ave across New West. Left you can use to get onto both Marine Dr or Marine Way to go west to Market Crossing, Big Bend, Glenlyon, River District. Straight turns into the BC Parkway and travels under the skytrain past Edmonds, Royal Oak, Metrotown stations.
Knight St
Recommendation: if you can, keep going west and take the Canada Line Bridge. This bridge was NOT intended for cyclists at all as you're about to learn and this section may get a little rant-y.
Southbound (I haven't gone SB on this bridge in a long time)
Access is via the onramp at Inverness & Marine. If crossing SB on Inverness watch for cars not understanding how stoplights work and driving into the intersection.
Take the on-ramp, hop onto the sidewalk.
First exit is Mitchell Island, get across the island. Get back onto the sidewalk.
Second exit is Bridgeport and provided you take that off-ramp you'll end on a sidewalk on Bridgeport pointed west. First intersection will be Sweden Way, turn left for IKEA, right takes you up to Vulcan Way which can be used to connect to River, No5 & No6 Rds.
Opinion: the KSB needs a cycling infrastructure update more than the GSB. The GSB is bad, but at least Cambie and Burrard are basically adjacent.
Oak St Bridge
Disclaimer: I have ridden across this bridge exactly once, only north bound on the southbound side. I will provide links to where I think the access to the NB path is, but I can't guarantee it.
This accesses I used for this bridge are near enough to the Canada Line Bridge so I would recommend just using that. Also the access Oak St Bridge are all off bigger roads so just awkward to get to.
The north end of the SB path is a crosswalk between 71st Ave & 72nd Ave on Oak St. ('22.1%22N+123%C2%B007'49.4%22W/@49.2061485,-123.1325803,765m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d49.2061446!4d-123.1303973 )
The south end of the SB path is at the southeast end of the Shanghai Wonderful restaurant parking lot.'30.5%22N+123%C2%B007'10.7%22W/@49.1918179,-123.1201938,191m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d49.1918174!4d-123.1196477
I *think* the south end of the NB path is here:'25.0%22N+123%C2%B006'55.9%22W/@49.1902744,-123.1163805,382m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d49.1902728!4d-123.1155145
I don't know how to get there.
I think the north end of the NB path is effectively the intersection of SW Marine @ Shaughnessy St.'17.7%22N+123%C2%B007'45.5%22W/@49.2047843,-123.1293076,104m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d49.2049204!4d-123.1293171
Once you're on the bridge it's just ride along until you're at the other end. The surface is weird concrete sections that have all gone a bit convex so it's a weird kinda bumpy ride.
rest to be continued later including: Pitt River, Golden Ears, Port Mann, Alex Fraser, Queensborough, Knight St, Canada Line, Oak St and Arthur Laing. If you need to go between New West and Surrey I recommend just taking the Skytrain.
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Best Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto

An Incredible Picturesque @ Niagara Falls Tours
As someone thinks about a high wall, the first thing that comes to mind is the Great Wall of China. Similarly, when someone thinks about waterfalls, the first thing that comes to mind is the majestic falls of Niagara. Niagara Falls does not require any introduction, as it is famous for its incredible picturesque. Niagara Falls is the collection of three falls that act as a border between New York, the United States and Ontario, Canada. Every second, almost 3,000 tons of water rumble over the falls, and thousands of tourists come to enjoy this picturesque every day. Niagara Falls Tours has a lot of attractions, fun, entertainment, and adventure-filled on both sides, the U.S. and the Canadian side. The Candian side comparatively has more attractions and fun. It is always great fun to get wet that too with waterfalls make a roaring sound because of water hitting itself like a splash.
A Tour Of Niagara Region –Niagara Falls Tours
Niagara Falls Tours makes it comfortable to visit Niagara Falls, Ontario by train, car, bus or plane. Have your weekend planned with a day trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Niagara Falls is famous for honeymoon couples and has become one of the favourite honeymoon destinations.
Niagara Falls Canada has several family attractions. There are many parks, water parks, amusement parks, nature and wildlife reserves, museums, jet boat rides, shopping, and eateries that keep children engaged and happy.
Niagara Falls – A Romantic Trip
You can have a pleasant surprise for your loved one with a Niagara Falls Tour. Book a Niagara Falls Private Tour where you can visit the places of your choice, and it is mainly ideal for couples. A preferred itinerary would be like as below:
· Hornblower Niagara Cruise
· Shopping
· Picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake
· Winery Tour
· Visit a casino for some entertainment
· Gambling
· Niagara Falls illumination
· Fireworks (please check schedule)
· Niagara Falls Helicopter tour
· Niagara Falls Airplane Tours
American Side Of Niagara Falls
When you visit the falls, the Maid of the Mist or the Niagara Falls Boat Tour is a must-go trip, and it is only accessible from New York, the American side. It's not needed to show a passport to get on the boat as it goes near the falls and returns to the same place. It's all about a 20-minute tour which takes you near to the basin of all three falls.
If anyone wants to get a close and personal touch with the thundering falls, then you should make a trip to the Cave of the Winds. The exciting ride starts with an elevator ride that takes you 175 feet down into the Niagara Gorge. The falls are so mighty that walking up to the Hurricane Deck is like experiencing a humid storm.
When you reach Niagara Falls State Park, pause the Visitor Center to get the lay of the land. From there, you can visit the Observation Tower, then move forward to the Discovery Center and the Niagara Aquarium, have a walk or take a drive onto Goat Island for experiencing one of the adventurous tours of the falls.
Visiting The Canadian Side
If you want to visit Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, then you to cross the border. It's easy, just by providing your valid passport or other acceptable ID for crossing into Canada. The Rainbow Bridge connects the two countries, namely New York and Ontario.
Once you pass through customs, move ahead to the Table Rock Centre. It's situated directly across from Horseshoe Falls and offers excellent views for free. Children will enjoy and shows a keen interest in visiting Niagara's Fury, a 4D attraction that shows how the falls were formed. Visitors can get a ticket for Journey Behind the Falls, which is almost the same as the Cave of the Winds. But Journey Behind the Falls is different from Cave of the Winds, and it is kept open all year-round.
Niagara Falls Tours– Plan Your Vacation!
Anyone who has been to Niagara Falls will tell you that it is a must-visit place. You will have an opportunity to witness the power of nature when you visit Niagara Falls.
Niagara Falls Tours can be booked by families, individual travellers, colleagues, large groups, small groups or couples.
The Niagara Falls Evening Tour is perfect for viewing the Niagara Falls Illumination and fireworks at nighttime.
There are a lot more things to see and enjoy in Niagara Falls, so start planning your Niagara Falls Trips today.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #4: R3M13 - Yuigahama Kaito and Noriko Yabuuchi vs. ???

The results are in for Match 11. The winner is…
Flint Howlett, with a score of 85 to Tunde Ó Santos’s 61!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Flint Howlett 25-15 Despite taking an early lead and keeping it close for most of the match, Tunde was passed by Flint, who was able to hold onto his lead 7-4.
Quality Flint Howlett 30-23 Reasoning
JoJolity Flint Howlett 30-23 Reasoning
Although we gave a full result drop and epilogue for Matches 10 and 11 a few days ago, we’re reposting the results here for posterity. Things may have gotten a little strange with our schedule, but at the time of posting, there are a few hours left of voting for a match that is XPLICITly one of the craziest the tournament has ever seen.
Scenario - Somewhere in California:
After their gauntlet in Brazil, Gioia Arancini and Nico Wolfram had resolved to keep in touch as each of them found leads on what Pão de Queijo had told them about the Black Beetles and XPLICIT. Gioia had relayed what Sofia had learned from Ronald Fogerty about the Black Beetles’ boss, but the biggest piece of information the two teams had shared since then came after Demis Roussos and Hadrian Moore had successfully raided the Black Beetles headquarters, encountering that very boss’s Stand itself.
In the vault, the two had found a dossier on the production of XPLICIT, revealing a connection between Wilkinson’s use of consultants from Lyte, Ltd. and the first recorded appearances of the drug. All of this Gioia relayed to her team, all of whom she’d become much closer to after these experiences, especially a fateful trip to a Washington, DC museum with Schioppo following a successful go-kart race.
It seemed Ric Hawks was somewhat less thrilled by his time with the team, given his determined efforts to look into things on his own, barely consulting with his teammates. To him, the way to get information on Lyte was through their financials, particularly their increasingly shifty CFO. Stefan Pilatti, the one Ric could never quite shake since they’d failed to stop a jailbreak in San Diego, had a simpler idea one day on the bus, born largely out of exasperation:
“Why don’t we just shoot ‘em?”
‘Corazon’ rolled her eyes at this, thinking over everything they’d learned, still maybe a bit jittery from her experience in New Mexico and feeling ever so slightly guilty over how far she’d gone against Buggy Baxter, what with Connor’s report back from the casino. “Too many loose ends, and we don’t want anyone innocent caught up in the crossfire.”
“Yeah, but there’s so much to go over,” Schioppo added. “How are we going to actually get through tracking everything down, especially with Clyde busy with his new hunting business?”
The heretofore silent bus driver was thinking. Noriko Yabuuchi, sugar and ice to Kris and all ice, no fire to Schioppo, was warming up to both, though she wouldn’t admit it, and to the rest of the tea. To even her own surprise, she wanted to help. And she resolved to do so, the best way she knew how, using her own unique skillset.
“Okay, gang, let’s split up and search for clues.”
The Civil Disobedients sat around their bar, the atmosphere of a tense quality. Spirits had certainly been higher in the group’s time together, but things weren’t terribly dreary at the moment, Lyra thought quietly to herself, stirring a frosty glass of grape juice. Even though Prince Johnny’s last excursion hadn’t ended well by any stretch of the imagination: the Civil Disobedients hadn’t heard hide nor hair of him since, they had no idea where he might have been, but Lyra simply hoped he was safe.
Fighter Jet was his usual sunny self, trying to keep spirits up by cracking jokes and recounting their better times, but Kaito wasn’t having any of it, sullen as he stared into an empty glass, contemplating his team, himself. Then Fighter Jet said something—Kaito didn’t quite remember what—but he snapped back. “Maybe we’d have more people after Tags right now if people hadn’t been dicking around during the first round!”
He shot a withering glare at Lyra, who shrunk back on her stool, looking off to the side. “I’m sorry— about me and Djimon, I really could have done better, I, ah… um…”
Kaito continued to lambast her, squeezing his glass tighter, his knuckles turning white. “Maybe we should’ve just sent you out alone, Lyra, then maybe we would’ve seen better results fro—“
Down the bar, Baroness smashed down an empty mug, shards of glass dancing on the bar for a brief moment, before they fell dead on the countertop, the floor, even on Baroness. “KAITO.” She snapped, face red with anger. “Shut the fuck up, okay?! If you’re such hot shit, then where’s all the Tags you’ve collected recently, huh? —What’s that? You don’t have any? Why’s that unsurprising to me?!”
The silence that befell the group was deafening. His face hot with embarrassment, Kaito simply rose from his seat and walked towards the door, leaving the rest of his team behind. Unbeknownst to the rest of his team, Kaito’s face was contorted into a grimace. Every footfall seemed to take forever, despite his quick pace. Was the door always this far away? Even Fighter Jet had quieted, watching the door shut after him.
“Ah… um, Baroness…” Lyra begun, fidgeting with her fingers. “I appreciate you standing up for me, but some of that stuff went a bit too far, don’t you think? It was uncalled for…”
Baroness brushed the few shards of glass off of her pants, a twinge of regret filling her as she cleared her throat, now dry.
Another report successfully filed, finances adjusted, errors corrected, everything under his control as perfect as it could be, as there was little satisfaction as good as a job well done at the end of the day, no matter the nature of the work he was getting done.
Click, click, click…
The man finished what tea was left in his mug, idly clicking his treasured pen, before he tucked it away in the breast pocket of his suit, rising from his executive style chair, high backed and comfortable. He stretched for a moment, before he grabbed his briefcase, striding to the break room to clean and put away the mug. There was something sterile about the environment. Something falsely homey. After he dried out the mug, he set it back into the cupboard, and rubbed his eyes from underneath his glasses. The room wasn’t creepy or unnerving, but after a week, it came to be a bit much for the man’s more subdued tastes.
He made his way through the main working floor, something of a maze of frosted glass and cubicles filled with personal objects. He kept a firm grip on the handle of his briefcase, the occasional employee in the hall seemed to shrink and scurry away, as if to not incur his ire—not that he had much to give at the moment. He did, however, spot a figure dozing at one of the cubicles, black roots beginning to set back into his dyed blonde hair, and his hawaiian shirt slightly crumpled. He supposed it was casual Friday.
With a sigh that was… sympathetic? He walks over, giving a sharp knock on the wall of the cubicle to get his attention. The young man instantly starts awake, wheeling around in his chair, face gaunt with embarrassment. “Muh— Muh— Mister Alcove! I’m sorry, I! Uh— I was—“
Maui Jim stuttered through some vague explanations, quickly snatching two empty Red Bull cans and crumpling them up, throwing them into the trash can beneath his desk. Tom simply stood there, letting him finish whatever he was attempting to say. A glance at his monitor showed that he was on track, even with his noticeably heavy workload.
“I intend to go home now, Maui Jim,” he said calmly once the young man had finished stammering, cheeks bright red. “How much longer do you have?”
“M-Me? I was— Uh I was gonna stay and, I’m super behind, and, uh…”
“Hm. Carry on, then. You’ve got quite a bit of important work to do, and I don’t mean to interrupt. But do clean up your workspace.”
Tom left it at that, turning to walk towards the elevator as Maui stammered his belated apology, hastily clearing up his supplies as the CFO stepped into the elevator, thankfully empty, heading down to the ground floor where he would be able to leave.
“Thanks, Ric, thanks, Corazon…” Murmured Noriko as she taped a small copy of a map onto her dashboard, marked with pen and highlighter to indicate the most probable path their wanted man would take. She could practically hear the voices of her teammates:
*”We went through what we could find out about his schedule, he always stops at this grocery store after he leaves work on Fridays. No idea why, but he does.”
“Uh,” Corazon had interjected. “Maybe just maybe because he’s a normal person who wants to stock up on some essentials before the weekend, duh.”
”...What was I thinking. Fuck.” Kaito walked down the sidewalk, away from the bar he had been inside mere moments before. Did he even actually like any of them? Why did he bother to stick around? He gave a pebble a forceful kick, and watched it skitter across the sidewalk and into a row of bushes. Baroness was nothing but a bossy know-it-all. He could hardly stand her and her holier-than-thou attitude. And Djimon. Why had they let a child into the Civil Disobedients, again? Maybe the whole group would’ve been more success if Lyra wasn’t always so out to lunch. Prince Johnny was a horny creep, and probably a liar, and Fighter Jet… He… Couldn’t think of anything bad about Fighter Jet…
Noriko’s bus was empty, an unusual occurrence, and Noriko was largely left alone with her thoughts. Union Jack sticker. Navy car with Union Jack sticker. Looking for the Navy Car with a Union Jack sticker. That was him… she had to find him… She was one intersection away from the grocery store, and she rolled to a stop as the traffic lights overhead turned red. She reached to turn on the fan at the front of the bus, basking in the gusts of cool air. This wouldn’t be so hard. She’d track him down and ask some questions, right?
Knock, knock, knock
Kaito rapped his knuckles on the bus door’s glass pane, his posture shrunken, shoulders drawn inward, head tilted down. Noriko, operating on muscle memory, flicked the lever to open the door at the sound. Her eyes shot open, and she turned, staring face to face with Kaito. She hadn’t meant to open the door!
Kaito’s eyes widened. He recognized this girl… she was the one he fought in Venice! He stammered, backing up a bit.
“Oh, it’s you, I, um…”
Her eyes narrowed. She recognized him as well. But Kaito could tell from the look on her face, the way she surveyed her surroundings… there was a look of ‘Intent’ on her face. She was here for a reason...
Out of the corner of her eye, Noriko caught sight of a dark-coloured car pulling out of the parking lot. She turned to confirm, and as she made out the Union Jack sticker on the window, she turned back to Kaito, her expression one of stern urgency. “Get on.”
Kaito, still somewhat hesitant, nonetheless complied, boarding the bus and hopping in the seat. The door quickly shut behind him, and the overhead light flicked to green as Noriko peeled off after her target.
The end of the work week had finally arrived, many an office worker rejoicing their two days of freedom, quickly punching out and scurrying home. For one man in particular, the weekend was a time of great joy, as it meant for two precious days he was able to see his teenage son, Timothy. The man had settled into a routine he thought was just right; leave work, pick up groceries for the weekend, visit his ex-wife’s house to pick up Tim, then make his way home for dinner (catching up on the details of his son’s week he had missed between phone calls), eventually followed by a movie with popcorn.
For Thomas Alcove, this was (mostly) perfect.
He was on his way to pick up Tim at this very moment, groceries nestled snugly in the backseat, everything he’d need for a weekend. A dozen eggs, 2% milk, rye bread, green onions, the bags of candy in their bold packaging that Tim had found a distinct fondness for, Earl Gray, Chamomile… the list could go on. The bags rustled quietly as Tom turned a corner, his vehicle roomy, yet modest, painted a dark navy, a Union Jack sticker sitting proudly on the bottom corner of the rear window. There was the usual rush hour traffic that he sat through with a level head, beginning to clear the further from downtown he drove, save for a bus that seemed to follow him. He shifted his gaze from the rearview mirror and back to the road, adjusting his glasses. The notion that he was being tailed was nonsense.
Or so he thought.
Kaito rested against the back of the bus seat, hardly the most comfortable, but eons better than being out, alone with his thoughts.
“What’s your name?” Noriko asked from the front, looking back at Kaito through the bus’ rear view window with a quizzical glance, her expression having softened somewhat.
“I’m Kaito. Yuigahama Kaito.”
Noriko’s expression brightened, and she slipped back into her mother tongue. “どの県で育ちましたか?” She asked, looking eagerly back through the mirror. Kaito, however, blinked, leaning forward and cupping a hand to his ear.
“どの県で育ちましたか?” She repeated, her smile weakening somewhat.
“Is that, uh… I don’t speak Japanese, I moved away before I had a chance to learn anything…” he responded meekly, feeling somewhat awkward for having crushed her visible enthusiasm.
Noriko frowned in deep displeasure. She went out of her way to try and connect with somebody who shared her heritage, only to get nothing in return. He didn’t even speak a word of Japanese? Pathetic.
The bus fell back into silence. A silence Kaito was all too familiar with, a silence steeped and fermented in disappointment, tainted like a corked wine. He silently cursed to himself; how did he even mess basic conversation up?
Noriko’s eyes focused on the road, and on their target ahead of them. Kaito focused forward as well, though his eyes darted between the road or Noriko. He wanted to try again… he didn’t want things to be awkward.
He rubbed the back of his neck, easing back into conversation. “So, err… What are we doing, anyway? I just kind of got on without explanation…”
Noriko glanced over at Kaito, before quickly focusing back on the road. “Chasing the Navy car with the Union Jack… You can help me, we need information.”
Kaito nodded. This could be the opportunity he needed… he wasn’t about to pass up a chance to prove himself. “How’re we going to do it?”
“We follow him, we corner him, we make him talk,” Noriko said simply, eyes still on the road.
“Yeah, sure, alright,” Kaito said, slumping back in his seat.
The ride was silent for a while once more, and this time it was Noriko who chose to break it. “Why were you out?”
Kaito sighed and gritted his teeth before speaking. “My team’s all a bunch of bullshit. We haven’t heard from Michelle or Djimon in months, Lyra’s a goddamn space cadet, and I don’t even know if Prince Johnny’s even fucking alive!” Kaito’s voice caught. “And Tom… Tom abandoned me.”
Noriko thought back to earlier in her investigation, the Fairy Fellers all crowding the bus, chattering and joking. It could be annoying sometimes, but… With Connor currently checking on his family and Ric always checking out of team conversation, she’d already started to feel a hole on the bus. Hearing about Kaito’s situation, with half the team completely missing in action, especially the man who’d been with him in Venice…
“I’m sorry about him,” Noriko said. “You were a real pain to fight in Venice.”
“Yeah… Sorry about that.” Kaito recognized a compliment when he heard it, and grinned up at his former opponent and newfound ally. “Let’s kick this rich guy’s butt. Wait, uh… what’s his name again?”
“Alcove,” Noriko replied. “Tom Alcove.”
Kaito blinked, and his grin widened. This was about to be cathartic.
Up a hill that led to a scenic cliffside view, the bus pulled over into the lane beside him, accelerating slowly, as if trying to catch up with him. Tom narrowed his eyes, letting his foot off the gas to let the bus pass, but much to his horror, it didn’t. There was a rumbling as amber liquid poured from the bus, coalescing beneath it, bubbling and burbling until—
The scent of whiskey filled the air as the fermented liquor exploded, launching the bus a great length and high above, As it soared over his own vehicle, plumes of bubbles streamed out of opened windows, deftly floating ahead and laying out into carpet on the road ahead of him. Indeed, the bus made a miraculously safe landing, skidding out slightly with the popping of bubbles and the hiss of hydraulics.
Tom, meanwhile, slammed on his brakes, wheels screeching at the sudden deceleration. That was more than just horrid driving. That was intentional, the work of an enemy Stand user... Tom narrowed his eyes, trying to make out the driver as he gripped his steering wheel tightly. The bus was long enough to block off every single lane, rendering him unable to get around… to get to Tim.
His anger was hidden behind tired eyes, and he stepped out of his car, the smell of whiskey filling his nostrils. He called loudly to the driver, who would easily be able to hear him. “What on Earth are you thinking?! I have places to be!”
He opened his mouth to say more, but the bus doors swung open, and Noriko and Kaito stepped outside to confront him, the former holding a dossier that she read clearly from. “Thomas Alcove, CFO of Lyte LTD,” she began, eyes flickering between the man and the file. “May I ask you some questions about XPLICIT?”
Tom’s brow furrowed, his fists curling slightly. This was hardly good. “No.” He responded sharply, pulling his pen from his breast pocket and beginning to click it absentmindedly. “You may not. I don’t have the time.”
“Well then.” Kaito interjected, lowering his stance to one of more aggression. “I’m sure we can make time, or, at the very least, make you talk.” Noriko nodded in agreement, and Tom squared his shoulders, prepared for combat as he spun his pen through his fingers. He was off the clock: he had no interest in dealing with work issues.
”Unless you go quietly, it’ll be the last thing you brats will do.”
Location: A beach-side highway somewhere in California.
The road is 10 meters wide with a dropoff to the shore to the south and a hill to the north, similar to the picture. The players and boss start 15 meters away from each other on the right side of the road facing each other. Both sides have their respective vehicles a meter behind them, however they cannot be driven at the time.
The sea is 10 meters south of the road; there is a speed limit sign 7.5 meters between the players and the boss on the north side of the road; and there are two overpass signs, one 15 meters behind both sides. There is a guard rail on the south side like the picture shows, the stakes are wooden and the bar is made of coated metal.
The bus has normal bus driving equipment and maintenance gear: a spare tire, medical kit, fire extinguisher, and other essentials. Additionally, the bus happens to have fiberglass paneling on the sides and most of the back, in areas that buses would normally have it, although with effort it can be torn off. For some reason, the bus also has a coffin on board.
Goal: RETIRE your opponents!
Additional Information: Note for the players, that camping or running away too far will be detrimental given that you are giving the boss a chance to book it.
Boss Information:
Name: Thomas Alcove
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: CFO of Lyte, Tom Alcove, Former Investor for Section 80.
Personality: Tom, put bluntly, is quite the stick in the mud. The straightlaced square so involved in his work you’re left wondering if he has any hobbies, any joys in life aside from a job well done, and giving subordinates the side eye when his tea’s not done quite right. He comes across as hard-to-impress, but above all, detached, keeping things and people alike at an arm's-length distance, with the sole exception of his son, Timothy.
This detached, slightly bitter, slightly prickish attitude displayed by Tom is the perfect repellent for most of his co-workers, and he couldn’t be happier, generally preferring solitude, or at the very least, not being pestered. Most of these negative traits are a built-up exterior to hide a rather polite, mild, and sensibly kind interior, hidden chiefly due to past experiences, and the desire to not be taken advantage of by more cruel players in the industry.
When alone, or at his home, these crueller qualities are shed entirely. First and foremost, Tom is a father, there to guide, correct, and love. He has a matching sense of humour, often unable to stave off the urge to tell a groan-worthy joke to his son. He has hobbies like early morning jogs, and collecting limited edition coins. He finds great fun in browsing through truly atrocious cookbooks from a bygone era, playing old rock records, and arranging tea paraphernalia.
Physical Description: One look at Tom, and you can tell he’s a busy man, work not a source of income, but a way of life. He’s light skinned, with prominent cheekbones, a rather sharp nose, lips that usually speak of his annoyance, and vibrant blue eyes that are shadowed by dark rings beneath them. His hair is dark brown, and styled upwards in a double helix, ending in points that are reminiscent of devil horns. There’s a thick gray streak that runs through his hair, other strands by his scalp slowly showing the same colour.
He’s very tall, standing at 6’4, but also very lithe, with broad shoulders, and proper posture. There are thin, silvery glasses perched upon his nose, and he wears formal clothing in dark colours- blues, greys and blacks. His outfit usually consists of a dress shirt and a blue ascot beneath a crisply dry-cleaned waistcoat. He wears plain dress slacks, held up by blue suspenders, and matching his waistcoat. His shoes are dressy, without much beyond that. The real eyecatcher to his outfit is his jacket; a dark coloured throw-over with a collar and material resembling a suit jacket, although it is much longer, with coattails that reach his ankles. On the right sleeve is text that reads “SECTION 80”, and on either elbow are patches that resemble subtraction signs. The back of said jacket has quite some flair, a sliver chain on the small of its back, held in place by multiplication signs, The lapel and bottoms of the jacket are made of a polished metal.
Art of Tom and his Stand by our own Judge Dimi!
Equipment:Various keys on a small keyring, a smartphone, a wallet made of fine leather, containing cards, cash, coins, and small photos of him and Tim doing various activities together, his silver wristwatch, and a second blue ascot.
Strength: 2 - Tom possesses average strength for a man of his size and age, nothing much of note here.
Agility: 4 - Having an aversion to most sports, and finding activities such as weightlifting quite dull, whilst still wanting to remain active and healthy, Tom took up running over a decade ago, and it has paid dividends to this day.
Endurance: 2 - Tom also possesses average endurance.
Office Aerobics: 4 - Long limbs often come with visuals of manoeuvring around in a gangly, awkward, manner. Not so for Tom, however, who’s litheness and agility allow him to make his way around the battlefield in unconventional ways with ease. Low gravity, underwater, or up in the air? He’s got it on lock.
Penmanship: 2 - When working closely with a single pen for years and years, one truly comes to know its strengths; writing with a steady hand, where the laser pointer will fall, and how to write up a damn clean signature.
STAND NAME: 「Money Trees」
Stand Type: Bound/Humanoid
Stand Appearance: When in its pen form, 「Money Trees」 appears as a simple silver-black pen with three colors: red, blue, and black.
When in its humanoid form, it looks like a small, black, limbless robot with a round, featureless head, save for some wide, flat bolts screwed into either side of its head, and a glowing white line that goes straight down the middle of its face, flanked by two circle eyes in the same colour, bisected vertically by a line. 「Money Trees」’s head leads into a thin, sleek neck, and a triangular torso. From its shoulders protrude two small brick magnets, and from its shoulder sockets, two horseshoe magnets. It lacks arms, but has hands with disc magnets on the back. There’s also a disc magnet beneath 「Money Trees」’ torso, a horseshoe magnet immediately beneath it, and two brick magnets on either side of the horseshoe magnet. It hovers in midair, a visible magnetic field pulsing from the different magnets on its body. 「Money Trees」 is also seen carrying or otherwise levitating a very large brick magnet with incredible ease.
Stand Ability: Pen Form - The pen acts as a laser pointer; when Tom points it at a metal object, he can envelop it in a spherical, faintly glowing magnetic field, one side is red for N charge, the other blue for S charge. Additionally, he can set metals as ‘null’, unable to be affected by 「Money Trees」’s magnetism.
If he draws a loop with the pointer, upon its completion, a magnetic field will be created within that boundary, the field’s glow indicating its charge. Tom can click the pen to freely change the orientation of any object/fields in range, as well as turning the magnetism “on, off, and null”.
These magnetic fields affect all metals, regardless of their innate ferromagnetism, or in layman's terms, even metals that are not normally able to be magnetised.
Humanoid Form - While free from the pen, 「Money Trees」 can create, reshape, and telekinetically move a peculiar metal—also known as Money, which is very similar to silver—within range that’s larger than a quarter. It can also predefine the magnetic field of Money as it’s being created.
Power: C - The magnetic pull (and thus push for similarly charged objects) is at C POW, as is the Stand’s physical force. The size of a magnetic field/affected object has no effect on the power of the magnetic pull; a large and a small loop will both create a single force vector of C POW. Additionally, while ordinary metal affected by the magnetic force cannot harm Stands, Money can, as can anything of 「Money Trees」’s creation.
Speed: A - Although larger quantities of Money are harder to move due to their weight, 「Money Trees」 can move incredibly and ‘metalbend’ quickly. Similarly, application and adjustments of its magnetism abilities occur at incredible speeds, much faster than Tom’s clicking may imply.
Durability: E - 「Money Trees」 in both forms is incredibly fragile. However, while the pen does not transfer damage, it takes 5 seconds to regenerate if destroyed and all magnetic fields created will be dispelled. Similarly, although Money can affect Stands, it is also incredibly fragile. However, the more of it is accumulated, the harder it becomes to break.
Range: C - While 「Money Trees」 is bound to E Range of Tom, its ability range is 20 meters. If Tom leaves the range of a magnetized object or a field, he can no longer change its magnetism, but the effect remains.
Precision: A - Not only is Tom incredibly adept at using the Pen form, 「Money Trees」 is incredibly precise with its movement, senses, and ability usage, having the ability to freely remold Money into any shape. Moreover, Tom can choose whether or not to be affected by 「Money Trees」’s ability.
Stand Oddities: 「Money Trees」’s pen form functions as a perfectly good pen, with unlimited amounts of red, blue, black ink.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Civil Disobedients Yuigahama Kaito “What you owe me… can never be payed back with money!” Baroness, Tom, and now another goddamn Tom. You've had the hell beaten out of you so far, and you’re the only one who seems to think you’re worth anything. Now it's time to prove everyone else wrong. Prove your worth, and be inventive and showy as possible with your and Noriko's Stand while you beat this enemy into the ground!
Fairy Fellers Noriko Yabuuchi “Think about it. There’s gasoline in bikes.” But you don’t care about bikes when you have your bus right there. You may not be able to get away with driving it against this opponent, but you can still make use of it! Use the bus and anything in it in interesting and creative ways in the match!
Lyte Ltd. Tom Alcove “You can find iron anywhere in this world. Of course, it's in sand, as well as spring water and plants. Large amounts of iron can be found in vegetables like spinach and meats like liver...” While you’re certainly able to make your own [Money], you’re just as capable of punishing these punks by creative use of what’s already there. Use the metal in the surroundings in your strategy, and make it count in taking down these upstarts!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to R3 Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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Where to play on Chicago?

Hi guys I'm flying in Saturday night and have all day to kill Sunday before a business dinner. I'm staying right down town on Mag Mile. Is there a card room that's an Uber distance away that'll have some action on a Sunday? Any advice would be awesome.
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Things To Do In Niagara Falls Canada With ToNiagara

An Ultimate Guide To Niagara Falls- Things To Do In Niagara Falls Canada
Niagara Falls is situated in the New York and Canadian border along the Niagara River, which flows between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. It takes 8 hours to travel by car from Niagara Falls to New York or about 10-12 hours with public transit. It will be a nice break over if you're going from New York to Toronto.
Reason To Visit Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is a combination of three waterfalls, namely:
· American Falls
· The Horseshoe Falls
· Bridal Veil Falls
Niagara Falls is a perfect place for a family getaway; there are lots of kid-friendly activities nearby in the surroundings of the falls that will impress your kids and make them feel happy. It is a perfect Niagara Falls Day Tour if you're travelling between the United States and Canada.
There are many things to do in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can see and do a lot of things in one day. It is best to spend two or three days to explore the Honeymoon Capital of the World, Niagara Falls. You can always find a lot of new Niagara Falls attractions that are opening every year in Niagara Falls.
If you visit Niagara Falls by car, it is ideal, but if you are visiting it from out of the country or having a trip from Toronto, then you don't need a car to travel to Niagara Falls.
You can also book Niagara Falls Wine Tours out to Niagara on the Lake or Niagara Falls bus Tours from Niagara Falls.
Things To Do In Niagara Falls Canada
There are so many places to explore and many more fun things to do in Niagara Falls, Canada, that can be done near and around the Niagara Falls area, some are more interesting. Here is a list of the 10 Best Things to do in Niagara Falls, Canada:

The Horseshoe Falls

Niagara Falls is the largest waterfall in North America. It is at an impressive height of about 188 feet and 2200 feet in width. Almost 90% of the water from the river Niagara flows through this waterfall.

Niagara Falls Boat Tour

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Niagara Falls with Hornblower Boat Cruise. It is the main and an essential attraction of the Niagara Falls, and from over 170 years, it has been attracting visitors to see its scenic beauty.

Maid Of The Mist Tour

The must-do visit when you visit the waterfalls from the American side. It would be a beautiful journey that you’ll never forget, which is enthralling the visitors since the 1840s. Get ready to soak yourself deep in water as you take a tour towards the base of the Niagara Falls; you will get wet.

The Old Fort Niagara

The Old Niagara Fort is the longest operating fort in the USA, situated on one of the most scenic locations near the Niagara Falls. Having played an essential part in the American Revolution, French Wars and Indian wars. Visit the gunpowder rooms, prisons, old army barracks, and ancient cannons that take yourself back in the time.
Skylon Tower
It is a small version of Toronto's CN Tower. It takes 52 Second ride to go to the top of the Skylon Tower for the beautiful views of the Falls and its surroundings.
Niagara Falls Illumination And Fireworks
The Falls are decorated up with powerful LED lights in the evenings, and colourful fireworks display in the evenings of summer. When the sun goes down, Make your way down to the falls to watch the picturesque falls. But make sure to get there early.

White Water Walks

If you want to experience the close-up view of nature, the White Water Walk is just the perfect attraction that suits you. Experience the enormous and dangerous force of the rapids of the River Niagara, only 230 feet away from the base of the gorge.

Helicopter Ride

Take a sightseeing tour of all the Niagara Falls attractions aboard a helicopter. This ride makes you sure that you won’t forget these views and you will have the time of your life.

Journey Behind The Falls

Journey Behind the falls allows you to stand behind the roaring white waters of the Niagara Falls. Journey Behind the Falls is the most popular way to experience the waterfalls, way better than the confined tunnels.

There are a lot many exciting Things To Do in Niagara Falls Canada. So, dig into a few more links given below

· Things to do in Niagara Falls this weekend

· Top 10 things to do in Niagara falls

· Places to visit near Niagara falls

· Top things to do in Niagara falls

· What's around Niagara Falls

· Things to see in Niagara falls

· Things to do in Niagara Falls Ontario

· Things to do in Niagra Falls

· Things to do in Niagara falls Clifton hill

· Best places to visit near Niagara falls

· Things to do at Niagara falls

· Top 10 things to do in Toronto

· Niagara Falls things to do

· Places to visit around Niagara falls

· Things to do near Niagara Falls

· Places to visit in Niagara falls

· Best things to do in Niagara Falls Canada

· Things to do in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

· Things to do in the Niagara region

· Niagara falls fun things to do

· Best attractions in Niagara falls

· Niagara falls to-do list

· Niagara Falls Ontario things to do

· Things to do outside of Niagara falls

· Things to do around Niagara falls

· Things to do on the way to Niagara falls

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Time passes so quickly, that you forget how much Cincinnati has changed from the early 2000's to Today.

Cincinnati Circa 2001:
No Bengals stadium. No National Underground Museum. No Banks. No Smale Riverfront Park. No Giant GE global Operation Center HQ Just one big empty parking lot.
As you can see from the skyline no Great American Skyscraper we have today.
Over the Rhine was considered the most dangerous neighborhood in all of America, and the riots were still so fresh in people's minds. You would have to be foolish to step in OTR during the early 2000's.
Northside wasn't the booming neighborhood it is today. It was neighborhood that was infested with rundown buildings and crime.
There was no horseshoe casino. Newport on the Levee was still yet to Open.
Only transportation was a bus or walking. No red bikes, No street cars.
Cincinnati Circa 2015:
There's a still long way to go, no doubt. But one can't help but notice the progress over the last 5 years and go, "wow".
I always lived by the philosophy that everything in life is about positive and negative momentum. And right now, Cincinnati has strides of positive momentum on its side.
One can't help but ask, what kind of progress we will see in 2030? Will there finally be light rail from CVG to downtown, to Cincinnati's suburbs?
Will Over the Rhine finally be fully restored to it's former and past glory? Will Cincinnati continue to grow population wise, and be filled with new skyscrapers. I like the future were heading towards. Everything isn't positive, there's still alot of crime and poverty that needs to be solved, but I have faith things will get better.
Until then, a toast to progress. And a toast for continued growth and prosperity for the urban core.
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Coming to Cincinnati for the All Star Game? Some hopefully helpful tips

I didn't see a post like this but then again I didn't see anyone ask for one either. Anyway, if you're coming to Cincinnati for the ASG and have never been here before, you've probably got some typical traveler questions, like "Where do I eat?" and "What's there to do besides the ASG stuff?"
So first, welcome to Cincinnati! Given the events are downtown, this post will mostly stay local to the immediate area. There's plenty of things to do in the region but chances are you're mostly looking to stay downtown. If you want to venture further out, feel free to ask questions.
To start, if you need help going from event to event, look down! There should be a green path laid out for you to get from place to place. This picture is from last year's event at Target Field. The Fan Fest and ballpark here in Cincy are roughly 8 blocks apart.
Places to See Here is a map of the general downtown area. I've circled a few places of note and pointed out where FanFest is located relative to all the rest.
The immediate area around the ballparks is what we call "The Banks" along the riverfront. You'll find a pretty neat park (the green area south of the ballpark at the bottom of the picture) with some fountains and plenty of green space. There's also an indoor carousel about a block west of GABP. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a block north of the carousel (circled on the map). The circle in the middle of map represents Fountain Square, which you can use as a point of reference for getting around. It has a cool, super old fountain on it (cool as far as fountains go, I guess), and various restaurants/bars in close proximity. On the wikipedia page you can see the Tyler Davidson fountain itself goes back to 1871 (and is on the US NRHP), although no longer on its original site.
There's a casino downtown (not in the picture above) just north of the ballpark. If you take Broadway north its about a 5-10 minute walk.
Just west of downtown is the Union Terminal Museum Center. It's technically walkable but I would take a bus or a taxi/UbeLyft or something.
North of downtown is an area called Over-The-Rhine (OTR for short) that is in the midst of revitalization. It has a wide variety of bars and restaurants, and is home to Findlay Market which is the origination point of our Opening Day Parade. It's also a really nice farmers market. OTR also has a strong brewing history, and many microbreweries dot the landscape. Ask any local and they'll no doubt be able to point you to their favorite.
And of course, right at GABP is the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. You can learn all about the history of our Redlegs right at the park itself. And speaking of Redlegs history, if you're interested in viewing the site that Crosley Field once occupied, I hear there is some kind of shuttle service running back and forth. I regret to tell you that the site is no longer home to the park, but MLB/Reds are doing something at the site. I couldn't find good details on what, unfortunately.
Places to Eat/Drink Around the ballpark at the Banks area are a lot of places to grab a bite to eat. In addition to chains like Jimmy Johns, Ruth Chris, Toby Keith's I Love This Bar, and Yardhouse, you'll find The Holy Grail bar, their sister Italian restaurant Santo Graal next door, Tin Roof, CRAVE, Jefferson Social, and Moerlein Lager House. For those unadventurous types, there's a Wendys just north of GABP on 4th between Main and Sycamore.
Up on Fountain Square, you'll find Chipotle, Pot Belly sandwiches, Rock Bottom Brewery, Panera, Dunkin Donuts, and two local favorites, Servatii Pastry and Graeter's Ice Cream. Southeast of the square you'll see a Currito (burrito place that I happen to love). On 6th just east of the square is a strip of restaurants/bars (like Sotto, Boca, Silver Ladle, Pi Pizzeria to name a few) and a Starbucks for those needing their fix (there is also a Starbucks closer to the path from FanFest to GABP at 4th and Vine). On Walnut just north of 6th are a few restaurants and bars, like Nicholson's Pub, Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, Nada (mexican), Scene Lounge (bar), and The Righteous Room (bar).
At Findlay Market are a whole variety of places to eat, but my favorite is Eli's Barbecue. Eli's is cash/check only I believe.
Edit: A short walk across the river into Kentucky is Newport on the Levee, where there's a ton of bars and restaurants as well. Hofbrauhaus is a pretty popular beer garden. There's a cool aquarium over there too. There's a Gameworks on the Levee if that's your kind of entertainment. There's a bar I like called Beer Sellar as well, has a huge selection of beer on tap. There is a pedestrian bridge just east of Great American Ballpark, past US Bank Arena, the Taylor-Southgate bridge.
This is totally not an exhaustive list. Ask anyone local and they can probably rattle off a dozen more places to eat or drink. Finally, for those willing to try the much-maligned Cincinnati-style chili, there is a Skyline at 7th and Vine, as well as 4th and Broadway. Grab a 3 way (spaghetti, chili, cheese), a 4 way (with onions or beans), or a 5 way (with onions and beans) or just a cheese coney. There are lots of local chili parlors, and there are practically turf wars when it comes to people's favorites.
At/In the Stadium At the northwest corner of the stadium (near the main gates) are a series of statues honoring former Reds greats, from Joe Nuxhall and Ted Kluszewski, to Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan. Also in this area is the only team shop accessible without entrance to the ballpark itself. Further towards the river (viewable from outside the park and accessible from inside) is a rose garden. The white rose in the center of this garden represents where Pete Rose's 4192nd hit landed, back when Riverfront Stadium was around.
Inside the park from the main gates you'll see two cool mosiacs: one of the 1869 Red Stockings, and one of the Big Red Machine. Once seated, in right center field are the power stacks. I don't know what is planned for the ASG, but when a Reds pitcher strikes out an opponent, the power stacks emit plumes of fire. When a Reds player hits a home run, fireworks are launched from them. These stacks are a reminder of the steamboats that were very common along the riverfront in the 19th century (you'll probably see a few on the river if you look out that way). On each stack are 7 baseball bats, totally 14, symbolizing Pete Rose, as MLB prohibits the Reds from displaying his number.
You'll find souvenir shops on the terrace level, on the first base side of right and the third base side of left. There's also some shops behind home plate on the terrace level as well, towards third, including one that sells game-used items like baseballs, helmets, jerseys, and so on.
On the first and third base sides of the terrace level are two bars serving craft beers. The bar on the first base side also serves Bulleit bourbon.
Inside the park you can try the "hidden" food of GABP: the legendary SkyRosa. While you used to be able to order it straight up, now you have to build it yourself. At the LaRosa's (our local pizza chain), purchase a slice of pizza (cheese or pepperoni at your choosing). Then head to a Skyline and get a cheese coney. Put the coney on the pizza, wrapping the coney like a taco. Eat.
That's the end of my super post here. I hope this is helpful for anyone coming to town for the next week. If you have any questions please post and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.
ADD 1: tommyturntup highly recommends checking out the Covington and Mainstrasse. It's a walk across the Roebling Bridge, which terminates on the Ohio side right at Smale Park next to the ballpark. Speaking of, did you know the Roebling Suspension bridge was designed by John Roebling, the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge? At the time of its completion, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. The Carew Tower, opposite Fountain Square, was the model for New York's Empire State Building.
ADD 2: x-post of the suggestions link from /reds for some stuff I might have missed
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(LONG) The Ultimate Trip Report: 7.5 Action-Packed Days in Mid-October. Lots of Budget-Friendly Activities!

Just returned from the most epic week in Las Vegas with my husband! We budgeted about $1000 per person for the week, all expenses included. We went over by a couple hundred in the end. We planned a lot of activities and sightseeing in advance to avoid gambling too much out of boredom. We weren't very lucky at anything except blackjack, but we were able to leave Vegas at only $40 in the hole between the two us, which I consider a moderate success! And we weren't bored for a minute!
Day 1 (Wed 10/19)
Day 2 (Thurs 10/20)
Day 3 (Fri 10/21)
Day 4 (10/22)
Day 5 (Sun 10/23)
Day 6 (Mon 10/24)
Day 7 (Tues 10/25)
Day 8 (Wed 10/26)
Thanks for reading! I might try to come back and add some pictures and links here as I get the chance. Feel free to ask me about anything we did!
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Explore Niagara Falls with Niagara Falls Tours

See the top sights in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake Canada with a Niagara Falls Tour. Stops at Niagara Falls, a winery, boat ride, Floral Clock and more!
Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a popular tourist destination because it is affordable and has a wide range of activities and attractions. There is something for everybody here. Accommodations for every budget are available!
The massive Niagara Falls is a breathtaking sight. Experience the raw power of the Falls with the Hornblower Niagara Cruise to the base of American and Horseshoe Falls.
For some fun, visit Clifton Hill. It has museums, arcades, the Niagara SkyWheel, and more!
The Niagara region is famous for its wines and icewines. All Niagara Falls Tours include a winery tour and wine sampling.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, a 20-minute drive from Niagara Falls, is a lovely place – famous for wineries, vineyards, and Victorian-era architecture.
Niagara Parkway, running parallel to the Niagara River on the Canadian side, has many attractions like Queen Victoria Park, Dufferin Islands, Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory, Hornblower Niagara Cruises, Floral Clock, Niagara Glen, Whitewater Walk, etc.
Casinos, great theatre, restaurants, amusement parks, recreation trails and shopping are some of the other attractions in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
You can even book a helicopter tour as an add-on with your Niagara Falls Tour.
See Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake in a Day with Niagara Falls Tours
Niagara Falls Day Tours take you to all the top sights in Niagara Falls, Canada. It is roughly 9 hours’ duration with pickups from Toronto, Mississauga, and other places close to Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Any Niagara Falls tour of the Canadian side includes a stop in the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Floral Clock and Queenston Heights are some of the other major stops on the tour.
An Evening Tour Of Niagara Falls, Canada – See Niagara Falls By Day And Night
If you do not like getting up early in the morning or wish to see the illuminated Niagara Falls at nighttime, you can take the Niagara Falls Evening Tour.
The tour starts at around 1:30 p.m. This 9-hour tour includes all the major sights in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, and ends with a view of the Falls illuminated by colourful lights in the evening. On some nights, there is a 10-minute fireworks display over Niagara Falls at 10:00 p.m. Check schedule here.
Do It Your Way – Niagara Falls Private Tours
You can book a private tour where you get to decide the itinerary. Depending on your group size, you can book a limousine, SUV, van, or a bus coach.
Best Time to Visit Niagara Falls
Any time between May to October is a great time to visit Niagara Falls as all the attractions are open during this time. Summertime (June to August) is peak tourist season in Niagara Falls. Hotels are cheaper in the fall and winter.
Niagara Falls looks beautiful in every season!
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Niagara Falls Tours

One always imagines waterfalls as being in remote jungles unspoilt by human activity. While Niagara Falls was in the midst of wilderness when it was discovered in 1678, today the area has been completely urbanized.
Niagara Falls is easily the most recognizable waterfall name in the world. It is on the international border between Canada and the United States of America, and can be viewed from both sides.
The very first Niagara Falls Tours may have started in the early 19th century when it was popular with honeymooners and the wealthy from Europe and North America.
Tourists visiting Niagara Falls in Canada or USA are confronted by a wide choice of tour operators and Niagara Falls Tours.
If you are visiting Niagara Falls in Canada, the most common tour is the Full Day Niagara Falls Tour. It is a 9.5-hour tour of the Falls and other attractions. The Falls area has beautiful parks, recreation trails, boat rides to the Falls, etc.
Niagara Falls Tours let tourists experience the amazing beauty and power of Niagara Falls with activities like Journey Behind the Falls, Hornblower Niagara Cruise, White Water Walk, and sights such as the Niagara Whirlpool, Horseshoe Falls and more.
Queen Victoria Park, Floral Showhouse, Floral Clock, Bird Kingdom, Dufferin Islands, Niagara SkyWheel, Whirlpool Aero Car, Botanical Gardens, Butterfly Conservatory, Niagara Falls Nighttime Illumination, and museums are a handful of activities to do in Niagara Falls, Canada.
Niagara Falls Tours give a comprehensive tour with a visit to the Falls, some attractions, and a visit to a winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
There are casinos, waterparks, theatres, mini golf courses, gaming arcades, restaurants, shopping and more!
Most Niagara Falls Tours will take you to neighbouring Niagara-on-the-Lake, famous for its wineries, vineyards, pubs, boutiques, restaurants, Victorian era architecture and great views of Lake Ontario. Another important stop on Niagara Falls Tours is Queenston Heights Park in Queenston, a memorial to the War of 1812.
There are Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto too, which is just a 90-minute drive away.
Some of the popular Niagara Falls Tours are: • Full Day Niagara Falls Tours by bus coach – big group tour with tour guide. • Toronto to Niagara Falls Tours • Half Day Niagara Falls Tours. • Evening Niagara Falls Tours – see all the sights in the afternoon and wind up the tour with a view of the illuminated Falls by night. • Private Niagara Falls Tours – travel with your group of friends, family or colleagues. Customize tour itinerary. • Niagara Falls Tours by helicopter.
Choose the Niagara Falls Tour that suits you best and get ready to be wowed by what Niagara Falls has to offer.
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The TOURS That Wins Customers - Niagara Falls Tours!

Niagara Falls is considered one of the world’s wonders and is absolutely incredible! Everyone will love the scenic beauty of this natural wonder. Many would love to take a tour at least once in a year, especially the North and South American tourists. Niagara Falls Tours is one of the most entertaining tours. One would always remember and love to revisit the Falls again and again!
Niagara Falls - Famed For Its Scenic Beauty!
Touring Niagara Falls from the Canadian side is very popular. It is said to be a treat because of the entertainment available for the visitors. Many prefer visiting the Niagara Falls from Canada end when compared to the US end.
Niagara Falls is a city in Ontario, Canada, famed for its beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power. It is on the western bank of the Niagara River, in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario.
There are many tour operators running their services to Niagara Falls for family enjoyment and lifetime memories.
Some Of The Tour Highlights!
 Free Pick up/drop off from Airport/Hotels  Visit Niagara Falls  Visit Hornblower (Seasonal)  Visit Skylon Tower.  Journey Behind The Falls.  Buffet Lunch Or Dinner.  Whirlpool.  Floral Clock.  Niagara On The Lake.  Smallest Chapel.  The Wineries in the Niagara region.
One can experience awesome views from the Canadian side even during the winter season. Most of the attractions are open and provide good fun with spectacular views. The place is so big and relaxing that one will forget everything in the world with the enjoyment of the scenic beauty.
Niagara Falls Tours - A Tour Of Entertainment!
A few of the other entertaining stops or places surrounding the Niagara area are:
 Casino Niagara  Whirlpool Aero Car  Nightmares Fear Factory  Niagara White Water Walk  Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace  Great Canadian Midway  Reg’s Candy Kitchen  House of Frankenstein  The Tower Hotel  Dufferin Islands  Marineland of Canada  The Bird Kingdom.
Cultural History - Community Centres Host Cultural Activities
Talking about the culture of the Falls area and its surrounding places, there are a few areas that add to its culture. The Community centres that are host to cultural activities include:
 The City of Niagara Falls Museums  Niagara Falls Public Libraries  Coronation 50 Plus Recreation Centre  Club Italia  Scotia Bank Convention Centre.  Queen Street  Main and Ferry Streets  Stamford Centre  Cummington Square.
Popular Niagara Falls Tours - Niagara Falls Day Tour!
The most common tour is the Niagara Falls Day Tour. It is a 9.5-hour tour of the Falls along with other attractions. The Falls area has beautiful parks, recreation trails, boat rides to the Falls and many more.
Some other popular Niagara Falls Tours are:
 Niagara Falls Day Tours by bus coach – big group tour with a tour guide.  Toronto to Niagara Falls Tours  Half Day Niagara Falls Tours.  Niagara Evening Tours – see all the sights in the afternoon and wind up the tour with a view of the illuminated Falls by night.  Private Tour – travel with your group of friends, family or colleagues. Customize tour itinerary.  Niagara Falls Tours by helicopter.
As a visitor, one can plan to visit all the above places happily with ease and comfort. To explore the best at Niagara Falls, book your Niagara Falls Tour online now!
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (6/26/16)

·1. Teen shot in the chest near intersection of Lyons Street, Ashland Avenue in Evanston (Chicago Tribune)
·2. While on domestic-battery call, Waukegan police sworn, shot at; three men in custody (CBS 2)
·3. Waukegan Yacht Club celebrates 50th anniversary of Junior Sail Program (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
·4. Woodland Elementary School District 50 foundation to put on golf outing July 22 at Lake Geneva, Wis., to raise funds for schools (Daily Herald)
·5. Diamond Lake Elementary School District 76 providing breakfast for students Monday through Thursday throughout the summer at West Oak Middle School, Gurnee (Daily Herald)
·6. Father, owner of Bartlett-based Sebert Landscaping, and son, field supervisor for Marengo-based Bluestem Ecological Services, team up to bring more native plants to landscaping (ABC 7)
·7. Statue of Donald E. Stephens unveiled in Rosemont (ABC 7)
·8. Online survey drums up 'The Bradley,' ROSY, The Black Pearl, Runaway as possible names for new hotel in Rosemont (Daily Herald)
·9. Mount Prospect promotes senior village planner to assistant to village manager (Daily Herald)
·10. Couples celebrating 60th wedding anniversaries serve as grand marshals in Elk Grove Village's annual Hometown Parade on June 18 (Daily Herald)
·11. West Chicago Elementary School District 33 program encourages fathers to read with their children every day (Daily Herald)
·12. Geneva's Swedish Day celebrates Midsummer, Swedish heritage (Daily Herald)
·13. Republican U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, of Channahon, says he wouldn't vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, were the election held today (Chicago Sun-Times)
·14. Former Cubs great Andre Dawson gives advice to Joliet Slammers players, signs autographs for fans (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
·15. Calumet City bank robbed (Chicago Sun-Times)
·16. Family of man living in Hobart group home sues over alleged assault by employee from Chesterton (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
·17. Chicago woman killed in car crash near Horseshoe Casino in Hammond (Chicago Sun-Times)
·18. Judge dismisses manslaughter charge again LaPorte County man, saying police, prosecutors bungled case of wife's shooting death (Chicago Sun-Times)
·19. Cook County Jail locked down after hundreds of workers call in sick on Father's Day (NBC 5)
·20. McHenry County woman, Mount Prospect truck driver taken to hospital after car-vs-tractor-trailer crash on Route 173 in Newport Township, Lake County (Chicago Sun-Times)
·21. 85-year-old Deerfield woman killed, man and infant injured when woman tried to make a left-hand turn onto 137 from U.S. 45 off ramp into oncoming traffic (Chicago Sun-Times)
·22. Construction begins on 18-store Kildeer Village Square mall on Rand Road; opening expected in 2017 (Daily Herald)
·23. Two armed robberies in Waukegan happen four hours apart on Sunday; police uncertain whether they were related (Chicago Sun-Times)
·24. Chicago restaurateur, partners plan Mediterranean-style restaurant for downtown Libertyville (Daily Herald)
·25. Evanston police probe shooting that wounded three teens (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
·26. Arlington Heights Memorial Library ties together summer reading program, Fan Con comic convention (Daily Herald)
·27. Chicago man wounded in shootout with Palatine police on June 16 charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, unlawful delivery of cannibis (CBS 2)
·28. SUV driven by minor crashes into front entrance of IHOP at Norridge Commons, sending one person to the hospital, injuring six others (Chicago Tribune/Norridge-Harwood Heights News)
·29. Chicago Aviation Department submits 9-month 'Fly Quiet' plan to FAA; proposal would to rotate takeoffs and landings at O'Hare International Airport, designed to reduce noise issues (WGN TV)
·30. Wheeling Township Elementary School District 25 board member among 1,000 school officials that lobbied Congress on equity in education (Daily Herald)
·31. Streamwood-based Elgin Toyota pitches plan for repaidetail shop along Lake Street in Bartlett (Daily Herald)
·32. 4-year-old girl drowns at Downers Grove Swim and Racquet Club; facility closed during investigation (ABC 7)
·33. 48-year-old man dies after car he was riding in during driving lesson flips over into Aurora retention pond; driver still hospitalized (FOX 32)
·34. nursing homes from Naperville, Westmont sue rival company over plans for facilities in Aurora and Lisle (Chicago Tribune)
·35. Oak Park police look into drive-by shooting between vehicles on Sunday night on Austin Boulevard at Interstate 290; driver of a vehicle not targeted suffered minor injuries (Chicago Tribune/Oak Leaves)
·36. 78-year-old man struck, killed in Elmhurst by Metra train on Union Pacific-West line (Chicago Sun-Times)
·37. Lombard fire chief to retire on 30th anniversary of his full-time employment with department (Daily Herald)
·38. Morton Arboretum launches $63 million conservation program to preserve and improve 1,700-acre property (Crain's Chicago Business)
·39. Pew Research: High school and college students finding less summertime work available (Chicago Tribune/Buffalo Grove Countryside)
·40. Gas station, car wash pulled from proposed development at Route 22 and Quentin Road in Hawthorn Woods (Daily Herald)
·41. Lake County Sheriff's Gangs Task Force arrest two men after stop in Waukegan; one was wanted on a warrant for a long list of felonies (Chicago Sun-Times)
·42. Woodstock woman who helped fight legal battle with Rohm and Haas chemical company over cancer clusters in McHenry County succumbs to brain cancer (Chicago Tribune)
·43. Metra Union Pacific Northwest Line train strikes pedestrian near Woodstock (Chicago Sun-Times)
·44. Hoffman Estate board hires consultant to look into TIF refund for 185-acre development, provided the developer reimburses the village for the $28,500 cost (Daily Herald)
·45. Superintendent of Schaumburg Township Elementary School District 54 to get 10 percent pay raise, two years after DUI incident (Daily Herald)
·46. Arlington Heights Village Board approves 15-house development on former Robert J. and Lorraine Henry family estate near downtown (Daily Herald)
·47. Elgin Water Department combats musty, moldy smell in water following algae bloom in Fox River (WBBM AM 780)
·48. Officials at Hersey High School in Arlington Heights warn parents about companies offering fee-based financial aid and college scholarships (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
·49. Palatine woman sentenced for five years in prison for DUI-related crash that killed one person and seriously injured another; her BAC level was 0.24 (Chicago Tribune)
·50. 25-year-old Pingree Grove man charged with sexual abuse of a teen (Chicago Sun-Times)
·51. Des Plaines Elementary School District 62 appoints new board member (Daily Herald)
·52. Sleepy Hollow Village Board creates trust fund to address lack of affordable housing stock (Daily Herald)
·53. TFC Bank branch in River Forest robbed at gunpoint by three people (Chicago Sun-Times)
·54. St. Charles changes massage-business ordinance to reduce likelihood of more problems with illegal activities in massage parlors, following a number of busts for prostitution (Daily Herald)
·55. Engineers: Expect a lot of noise during construction of pedestrian tunnel along Glen Ellyn's Taylor Avenue (Daily Herald)
·56. Berwyn uses billboard campaign to try to draw young adults to the suburb; target is Chicago's River North population (CBS 2)
·57. Downers Grove village officials concerned about pension obligation and its effects on property taxes (Chicago Tribune)
·58. Bolingbrook restaurant owner urges wider celebration of Juneteenth (Daily Herald)
·59. Illinois Toll Highway Authority approves Lee Street exit off I-90 in Rosemont (Daily Herald)
·60. Naperville man who taught at Wilmington High School pleads guilty to sexual abuse of student, child pornography charge (Daily Herald)
·61. 17-month-old boy found unresponsive in Homer Glen pool (Chicago Tribune)
·62. Lincoln-Way High School District 210 removes plaques dedicated to embattled ex-superintendent Lawrence Wyllie (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
·63. Judge gives Calumet City man to two consecutive life sentences for 2009 double murder during confrontation at bar (Chicago Sun-Times)
·64. Diocese of Gary to shut down St. Mark's Catholic Church rather than spend money to renovate 95-year-old building (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
·65. Cook County Health and Hospitals executive director: Gun violence 'a public health crisis' (WBBM AM 780)
·66. Waukegan School District 60 to provide breakfast, lunch to children ages 2 to 18 at five locations (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
·67. North Shore School District 112 delays planned school closures, giving citizens committee time to work out solution to prevent closures (Chicago Tribune/Highland Park News)
·68. Glenview Park District investigating 65-year-old woman's claim that she got hit by a golf ball that sailed through open car window from nearby golf course (Chicago Tribune/Glenview Announcements)
·69. Man tried to lure 12-year-old girl into car near Oakton Street and Western Avenue in Park Ridge (Chicago Sun-Times)
·70. Barrington Area Unit School District 220 plan would shift middle-school boundaries, probably move 160 students from one building to the other; plan is part of potential change in start times (Daily Herald)
·71. Wauconda officials consider reinstalling red-light camera at intersection of Bonner Road, U.S. 12, citing safety concerns (Daily Herald)
·72. Bartlett resident starts group pushing to allow chickens in residential areas of the village (Daily Herald)
·73. Elk Grove Village to spend $1 million over next five years replacing trees felled by emerald ash borer (Daily Herald)
·74. Wheaton resident creates online petition to lower Wheaton's citywide speed limit on residential streets to 20 mph in wake of 6-year-old's death after being hit by a van (Daily Herald)
·75. Naperville City Council approves placing two non-binding referendum questions on November ballot which would ask about futures of Naperville Township, road district (Daily Herald)
·76. Proposed Longview Parkway tolls in Kane County expected to be between 50 and 75 cents (Daily Herald)
·77. Two boys report being robbed of iPhone by two teenagers in LaGrange (ABC 7)
·78. Schiller Park woman pleads guilty to aggravated battery to a child for 2015 incident in which she forced her two children to drink apple juice mixed with an antianxolytic medication to try to kill them, then tried to commit suicide (Chicago Tribune)
·79. Oak Brook couple that owned First Mutual Bancorp of Illinois in Harvey indicted on charges of concealing millions of dollars in cash, assets after defaulting on $40 million personal loan (Chicago Tribune/The Doings (Oak Brook))
·80. Aurora man charged in Tuesday-afternoon shooting of two people following argument on city's southeast side (Chicago Sun-Times)
·81. Northlake woman charged with reckless homicide, DUI, driving without insurance in death of 46-year-old man in Melrose Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
·82. Donkey gets party for 50th birthday at Field of Dreams in Maple Park (Daily Herald)
·83. 23-year-old Yorkville man charged with sexual assault of juvenile at Newark motel (Chicago Sun-Times)
·84. Clerk at Park Forest gas station shot, wounded during robbery (Chicago Sun-Times)
·85. Lake, Porter sheriffs displeased with U.S. Congress's failure to pass any gun-control legislation (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
·86. Police arrest 20-year-old in connection with drug ring operating at Crown Point High School (Northwest Indiana Times)
·87. Truck with trailing carrying cars overturns on I-80/94 at Indianapolis Boulevard in Hammond (Northwest Indiana Times)
·88. Chicago man found guilty of reckless homicide in crash of Gary church bus in Indianapolis while he was high on cocaine (Northwest Indiana Times)
·89. Lack of regulations means individual towns can charge whatever they want for liquor licenses and that cost is passed on to the customers (Daily Herald)
·90. Illinois signals intent to move ahead with Chicago-to-Quad-Cities high-speed rail line as deadline for federal funds draws to close (Crain's Chicago Business)
·90. Deerfield teen sings duet with her Broadway idol at Chicago Symphony Orchestra performance (Chicago Tribune/Deerfield Review)
·91. Doctors from Highland Park (with office in Buffalo Grove) and Skokie among 301 people caught in federal Medicare-fraud sweep (Chicago Sun-Times)
·92. Ela Township buys 10-acre property for $490,000 with plans for athletic fields just outside Lake Zurich village limits (Daily Herald)
·93. Camp I Am Me lets burn survivors enjoy summer camp, therapy at Camp Duncan near Fox Lake (WGN TV)
·94. Lake County Sheriff's police catch Kenosha man who carjacked a vehicle with a child inside it, after stopping the vehicle on I-294 near Des Plaines (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
·95. Federal Securities and Exchange Commission accuses Lake Forest-based The Ticket Reserve Inc. of Ponzi scheme that defrauded professional athletes out of $30 million (Daily Herald)
·96. Village of Lincolnshire sues Skokie-based North Capital, saying the owner of the former Purple Hotel property hasn't cleaned up the site following demolition a month ago (Crain's Chicago Business)
·97. Woman accused of drug-fueled crash that killed Woodstock nurse is arrested in Las Vegas, Nev. (Chicago Tribune)
·98. Flash floods inundate Arlington Heights businesses, streets during Wednesday night storms (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
·99. Palatine Township Elementary School District 15, park district considering Osage Park property as location for new school, abandon plans for Falcon Park (Daily Herald)
·100. Harper College officials sign off on agreement to build health-and-wellness center with Palatine Park District that would mean indoor pool for residents, students (Daily Herald)
·101. Alan Bombeck, architect and member of Arlington Heights Design Commission since its formation in 1995, dies from cancer (Daily Herald)
·102. Guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque to headline Jazz It Up Glen Ellyn festival on July 16 (Daily Herald)
·103. Elk Grove Village mayor 'offended' by 'inappropriate' comments by residents opposed to proposed Islamic prayemeeting center (Daily Herald)
·104. Neighbors of new Naperville Mariano's complain about all the noise caused by refrigerated trucks brought in to store excess commidities (Daily Herald)
·105. Aurora officials: Water safe to drink despite strange taste, odor linked to Fox River (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
·106. Two teen boys charged with burglarizing vehicles on South 19th Street in St. Charles (Chicago Sun-Times)
·107. Enthusiasts of antique bicycles to have event on July 8 on Prairie Path and in downtown Wheaton (Daily Herald)
·108. Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigating death of man pulled through machinery at Coilplus Inc. in Plainfield (CBS 2)
·109. Ohio man killed after falling from under-construction asphalt tank at International Tank Services in Willow Springs (Chicago Sun-Times)
·110. Sunnybrook Elementary School District 171 raises lunch, activity and technology fees (Northwest Indiana Times)
·111. 14-year-old boy shot in back while in a car stopped at Rose Plaza in Matteson; alleged shooter had followed their vehicle on Lincoln Highway (NBC 5)
·112. Gary unveils new handicapped-accessible boat/kayak launch at Marquette Park (Northwest Indiana Times)
·113. 'Visions of Sand and Steel: Visions of Our Indiana Shore' show runs through Aug. 28 at Southshore Arts Centre in Munster (Northwest Indiana Times)
·114. Chicago Cubs extend contract with Class-A affiliate South Bend Cubs through 2020 (CBS 2)
·115. 76-year-old Porter woman dies after being struck by train in Chesterton (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
·116. Dallas, Texas-based Which Wich to open first store in northwest Indiana with sandwich shop in Schererville (Northwest Indiana Times)
·117. Atlanta, Ga.-based Turnstone Group puts 3,000 residential lots, 581 acres undeveloped land in the suburbs on the market (Crain's Chicago Business)
·118. Author of 'New Suburbanism: Sustainable Tall Building Development': Arlington Heights, Evanston provide models for what Chicago's suburbs should look like (Crain's Chicago Business)
·119. Storms touch off fire in Evanston, topple gas-station canopy in Mount Prospect, flood Taco Bell in Palatine (WGN TV)
·120. Island Lake trustee creates 'Irises of Island Lake' project to decorate, add color to village (Daily Herald)
·121. Pharmaceutical company Abbvie, volunteers fix up North Chicago buildings to make homes for veterans (WGN TV)
·122. 9-year-old Norridge boy left at Hanover Park water park while on field trip from Norridge camp; parents learned about situation when he called from a lifeguard's cell phone (CBS 2)
·123. Chicago to renovate O'Hare Hilton, add two new hotels, including one along Mannheim Road (ABC 7)
·124. Harvard man charged with sexual abuse of a minor in Antioch (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
·125. Palatine Village Hall to reopen Monday, June 27, following renovations (Daily Herald)
·126. British press blaming meeting at O'Hare pizzeria for BRexit referendum (Chicago Tribune)
·127. One man dead following five-vehicle crash at Dempster Street and Harlem Avenue on Morton Grove/Niles border; victim likely suffered medical issue that led to crash (FOX 32)
·128. Des Plaines Park District works on acquiring vacant lots at Center Street and Oakwood Avenue for new park (Daily Herald)
·129. 17-year-old Kianna Gavin of South Elgin still missing; police still investigating disappearance (Daily Herald)
·130. Teenage Rolling Meadows girl charged with molesting female friend who slept over at her house (Daily Herald)
·131. Bartlett High School to get new stadium scoreboard after receiving grant from Bartlett Rotary Club (Daily Herald)
·132. College of DuPage board votes for budget that keeps tuition and property taxes at same level as previous year (Daily Herald)
·133. Elderly Bellwood woman dies from carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation in house fire (Chicago Sun-Times)
·134. St. Charles Community School District 303 board decides against middle-school referendum this fall, after $12,000 poll shows only 40 percent support (Daily Herald)
·135. Bolingbrook police end probe into murder-suicide of sometime-business partners from Aurora, Naperville, with no motive behind the crime (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
·136. Matteson man with the surname Gambles wins lottery second time with same numbers (WGN TV)
·137. Park Forest nail technician/caterer finds getting bumped from 'MasterChef' leads to many new opportunities in culinary world (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
·138. Crete man sentenced to four months in jail, 30 months intensive probation for 'revenge porn' incident involving his ex-girlfriend (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
·139. Schererville buys former Illiana Speedway; town president says its racing days are over (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
·140. Chesterton, Portage, Valparaiso fire departments combine to hire, test firefighter applicants (Northwest Indiana Times)
·141. Munster residents object to Town Council's adoption of wheel tax, but president says state law won't allow the town to make exceptions for anyone (Northwest Indiana Times)
·142. 36-year-old Lake Station grandmother, 17-year-old East Chicago father charged in armed kidnapping of 15-month-old boy from foster home (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
·143. South Dakota woman with outstanding warrant arrested after being found asleep in the back seat of a stolen car parked behind an abandoned gas station near I-65 and State Route 2 in Hebron (Chicago Sun-Times)
·144. One East Chicago Public Works employee fired in April, another resigned in May as city undertook investigation into alleged thefts of oil, tires (Northwest Indiana Times)
·145. Illinois Secretary of State's Office rakes in $5 million in late fees for license-plate renewals after it stopped sending out reminders to motorists (Chicago Sun-Times)
·146. Divers find body of teenage boy who swam into harbor channel next to Waukegan Municipal Beach and disappeared under water (CBS 2)
·147. Leaders of Long Grove, Hawthorn Woods ask governor, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority to abandon proposed Route 53 environmental-impact study (Daily Herald)
·148. Island Lake officials have eye on 2-acre site inside Converse Park for village's first dog park (Daily Herald)
·149. Lake Zurich issues proclamation joining National Wildlife Federation's efforts to save the monarch butterfly (Daily Herald)
·150. 10 Round Lake Beach police officers sue village over body cameras that continued to record after they were turned off, including while officers were using the bathroom (WGN TV)
·151. Illinois Attorney General's Office settles ethics-violation/workplace-retaliation lawsuit stemming from incident while U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth led the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs (NBC 5)
·152. Shakou Asian restaurant to open new location on Prospect Avenue in Park Ridge on Monday, June 27 (ABC 7)
·153. Shots reported fired on Route 53 near Jane Addams Tollway (I-90); Illinois State police investigating incident (WGN TV)
·154. Elgin police officers to get 2.5 percent pay increase following relatively short negotiations with the city (Daily Herald)
·155. Woodstock police searching for three men accused of armed robbery of Shell gas station (Daily Herald)
·156. Des Plaines aldermanic committee favors adopting 'City of Destiny' slogan, interlocking 'dP' logo (Daily Herald)
·157. McHenry County Sheriff's Office charge Kane County Sheriff's deputy with possession of controlled substances after finding Modafinil, Zolpidem, Tapentadol during search of her Woodstock home (NBC 5)
·158. Downers Grove man accused of raping two Indiana University students gets plea deal, one year of probation (Chicago Tribune)
·159. South suburbs see large increase in subsidized housing in wake of Chicago Housing Authority's move to demolish high-rise housing projects (Chicago Sun-Times)
·160. Munster police seek information on man believed to have stolen cartons of cigarettes from a Speedway gas station at knifepoint twice (Northwest Indiana Times)
·161. Hobart residents concerned about flooding related to proposed development at 83rd Avenue and Grand Boulevard (Northwest Indiana Times)
·162. Marketing company SERA Solutions Inc.'s move to Michigan City a boon for staff, from LaPorte County, helps poise organization for growth (Northwest Indiana Times)
·163. South Haven woman's push for safe passage along McCool Road north of U.S. 6 leads Porter County to install new path along roadway (Northwest Indiana Times)
·164. Hobart firefighters called twice to Southlake Mall for fire in Wet Seal store, Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant (Northwest Indiana Times)
·165. Owner of Hill's Haunted Hospital, City of Portage reach agreement allowing him to move haunted house to former U.S. Steel Training Center near Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk (Northwest Indiana Times)
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Toronto To Niagara Falls

Toronto To Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is a city in Ontario, Canada. It is on the western bank of the Niagara River in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario. It has a population of over 80,000 people. Niagara Falls is at its best from the Canadian side when compared to US end. The Toronto to Niagara Falls Tour is amongst the best tours with everlasting memories.
Safe and Comfortable Tour
One can tour with safety and comfort in air-conditioned vehicles. Relax in total comfort in the designed tour bus or coach. The vehicles are well-maintained and are as per the team size of the tourists.
The tour operators pick up and drop the tourists from their hotel lobby.
Tour Guides, A Valuable Attraction
There are professional tour guides who entertain all the tourists. The tour guides are knowledgeable, engaging and speak a variety of foreign languages. It is the tour guides who add value to the tour as an added advantage to the customer’s delight.
The Niagara Falls Attractions:
The three majestic waterfalls, the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls are the ones that straddle the Canadian and American border. It is a great sight to watch from close quarters leaving lasting memories for all who tour them.
The main attractions to visit surrounding the Niagara Falls area are the following:
 Journey Behind The Falls  Whirlpool Aero Car  Casino Niagara  Skylon Tower  Nightmares Fear Factory  Niagara White Water Walk  Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace  Great Canadian Midway  Reg’s Candy Kitchen  House of Frankenstein  The Tower Hotel  Dufferin Islands  Marineland of Canada  Bird Kingdom  The Floral Clock  Wineries in the Niagara region
The Road Journey From Toronto To Niagara Falls
The tour from Toronto to Niagara Falls is about 9 hours back and forth. It is a very pleasant trip that one would always remember. The trip will be unforgettable with beautiful memories. It takes about an hour and a half from Toronto to Niagara Falls by road on a vehicle arranged by the tour operator.
Once you reach the Falls area, start off with an exciting buffet lunch before you get on to the Hornblower Niagara Cruise Boat. Grab your seat along the float along the Niagara River until you reach the famous Horseshoe Falls.
On route, the coach halts for you to take a look at the Niagara Fall Attractions. Finally, get back into the tour bus coach for the return trip back to Toronto.
Your 9-hour tour ends with a drop off at your hotel or the place where you were picked.
Online Ticket Booking
There are a lot of tour operators who offer online ticket booking on the Internet. One can book tickets online with the Best Toronto to Niagara Falls Tour Operator.
Book your tickets online with the best tour operator now.
No wait times, advance deposit or any other form of payment in advance.
Book your Toronto To Niagara Falls Tour tickets online now!
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Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto | ToNiagara

Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto
The Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto is always a memorable experience to many as it gives a beautiful sightseeing experience and lovely memories to cherish for a lifetime.
Visiting Niagara Falls From Toronto is one of the best options for travellers who want to go on a sightseeing tour by road to the Niagara Falls. There are a wide variety of options for entertainment that are on offer from many sightseeing tour agencies.
Best Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto
The best way of enjoying Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto is by road, on a four-wheeler or a luxurious bus or coach, as the travel is just 90 minutes from Toronto to Niagara Falls.
Many travellers also book Limos to Niagara Falls from Toronto. A tour guide can undoubtedly entertain everyone with his knowledge of history and culture and his extraordinary guiding skills in English, French and other foreign languages.
Why Many Tourists Visit Niagara Falls From Toronto?
Horseshoe Falls is on the Canadian side of the border and is the largest of the 3 Niagara Falls. It also gives people the best view as the Falls are in front of you compared to the American side where you can only see them sideways.
One can have a beautiful view with the great entertainment on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls.
Tourists prefer travelling from Toronto to Niagara Falls as it is always exciting to go by road from Toronto in a luxurious coach or bus, or a four-wheeler or limo.
Do not miss the beautiful experience of Hornblower Niagara Cruises, a boat tour operating on Niagara River that allows you to view the Niagara Falls from a close range.
Also, The Floral Clock, Whirlpool Aero Car, Nightmares Fear Factory, Niagara White Water Walk, Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace, Great Canadian Midway, Reg’s Candy Kitchen, House of Frankenstein, The Tower Hotel, Dufferin Islands, Marineland of Canada, and the Bird Kingdom are worth watching.
Niagara Day Tour
In general, most of the tourists prefer to visit the Niagara Falls and its surrounding entertainment belt in the day Tour as they can see the grandeur of the Falls in the sunshine, except in Winter season.
Some of the main attractions are Journey Behind The Falls, Casino Niagara, Skylon Tower and a List of Wineries In The Niagara Region.
The trip to Niagara Falls gets more interesting and exciting because of the presence of the tour guide whose primary responsibility is to entertain and explain many things related to the Niagara Falls and its surrounding areas of entertainment.
Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto Overnight:
It is a scintillating experience for those who prefer to visit the Niagara Falls in the evening or night as there are fireworks to watch, commonly known as Niagara Falls Fireworks.
You can take a look at the Niagara Falls Fireworks schedule and schedule your trip accordingly. As the fireworks in the Niagara Falls are an unusual sight to watch, many tourists book it online many days in advance, so they do not miss an evening of spectacular fireworks lighting up the night sky.
Two Days Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto
One may visit the Niagara area and plan to attend the main attractions leisurely in about two days’ time to the fullest of their satisfaction.
See all the sights and experience the beauty of Niagara Falls at your convenience by booking at a good hotel for overnight stay. Enjoy the incredible beauty of nature at leisure with this two-day trip to the Niagara region from Toronto.
One can either plan for two days and a night stay or two nights and a day stay, whichever best suits for making it a memorable trip.
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